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Ryan Birr
Northwest Insurance Group, Inc.

Aircraft Manufacturers
Cirrus Design Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft

EXTRA Aircraft

Cessna Aircraft

Owners' Groups
Cessna Pilots Association
Cessna Pilots Association

International Aerobatics Club

Diamond Aviators Association

Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association

Aerobatics & Upset Recovery Training
Patty Wagstaff Aviation Synergy
Contact [email protected]

Gauntlet Warbirds
Warbird & Aerobatic Training in Chicago

Prevailance Aerospace
[email protected]

Tutima Academy, Inc
[email protected]

Airshow Performers
Patty Wagstaff

Sean Tucker

John Klatt

Mike Goulian

Mike Shore

Aviation Magazines
Sport Aerobatics


Flying Magazine

Plane & Pilot

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