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About Southeast Aero

We are in the aircraft business, but that’s not all we are. At the hear t of our organization is a talented, experienced team of professional technicians and craftsmen.

In 1992, Southeast Aero opened its doors with the idea of giving our customers more than they expected. That determination has paid off - Today we enjoy a loyal and long-term following of customers who feel like friends.

We do this by expecting more from ourselves than others may expect from us; we take pride in our product – particularly in areas of service. As our customer you can expect honesty, commitment, respect and appreciation from us.

We recognize customers do business with us by choice. We seek to build relationships with customers who want the best service in our industry. We’re not the cheapest, but you will appreciate our value when you trust us with your business.

Southeast Aero People

Kramer Upchurch
President and General Manager

Kramer started Southeast Aero in 1992, and works as President and General Manager. Kramer is a former commercial banker, and has a private instrument rating and MBA from the University of Florida.
Kramer Upchurch
Doug Vayda
Director of Sales / Chief Pilot

Doug functions as our functional test pilot for Cirrus, Cessna, Diamond, Aquila and Extra Aircraft, and is our demonstrator pilot and salesman for new Extra and Aquila Aircraft. The son of an Air Force test pilot, Doug is a CFI with commercial multi-engine and instrument ratings, along with Aerobatic low-level and banner waivers, with over 8000 hours logged, and is an AP with IA.
Doug Vayda
Bryan Wood
Cirrus / Cessna Dept Manager

Bryan has been in General Aviation over 25 years and is recognized as one of the foremost technitions in the Cessna 350/400 series aircraft and Cirrus 20 /22 series aircraft.
Bryan Wood
Warren Cilliers
Extra Dept Manager

Warren has been working in aviation for 16 years starting with the South African Air Force and has been working for Southeast Aero Services for 6 years. Warren is has a Private Pilot license as well as a A&P and I.A. Waren is recognized as one of the foremost Extra Aircraft technicians.
Bryan Wood
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